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black gold  

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You can choose from hundreds of types of artist brushes from around the world. Some have unique handles; others, different kinds of hair. We believe that no matter what an art brush looks like, it must perform for the artist. The more you know about art brushes, the more reason you'll have to buy a brush that's made by F.M. Brush Co., Inc. These brushes are not cheap art supplies, they are art supplies that are cheap. F.M. Brush craftsmanship truly shines in this brush made of the finest-quality synthetic hair formed by the hands of master brush makers. We've paid special attention to the brush tip. Black Gold is available in a full range of oil, watercolor and decorative painting styles.

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Photo Product SKU Description Price Order
#4 round Price: $5.02
Starvin' Artist: $4.19

#5 round Price: $5.86
Starvin' Artist: $4.89

#6 round Price: $6.70
Starvin' Artist: $5.59

#8 round Price: $9.46
Starvin' Artist: $7.89

#10 round Price: $11.47
Starvin' Artist: $9.99

3/4 inch flat clear handle Flat image not shown. Price: $13.06
Starvin' Artist: $10.89

1 inch flat clear handle Flat image not shown. Price: $17.98
Starvin' Artist: $14.99